International Leadership Program on Education (ILPE) began from 29th October

Global Innovation and Leadership Centre’s (GILC) nationwide youth leadership initiative, the International Leadership Program on Education (ILPE) , officially began yesterday at the United International University (UIU). GILC collaborated with GEIST International Foundation & GEIST Center in arranging this event.

The Preliminary Round of the Central Dhaka Event took place along with the official Inauguration Ceremony of the programme.  The inauguration ceremony was presided by the honourable Vice Chancellor (In-Charge) of United International University, Prof. Dr. Abul Kashem Mia engaged in a deep conversation with the participants on how do equipped themselves with leadership skills and how to continuously work on themselves through perseverance in their studies and transform themselves into a complete human being. The program was conducted by President of GEIST International Foundation, Biplob Kumer Deb and ILPE V3.0 Convener, Saffat Ahmed Bhuiyan. In addition to the preliminary round quiz which took place later that day, the participants were exposed to a series of workshops on skill development for global citizenship, higher education opportunities in the United states, English language and leadership,  global exchange opportunities for higher secondary students, etc.

International Leadership Program on Education (ILPE) is the first ever initiative in Bangladesh which tries to combine the time responsive issues such as English language competency and leadership.  Understanding the current scenario of Bangladesh where the country is trying to make the most out of its demographic dividend, the youths and young minds should be given a platform where they can showcase their English language proficiency along with their Public speaking, presentation, critical thinking, problem solving, crisis management, collaboration, team building, etc.  which are basically the subsets of the overall leadership quality.

The Central Dhaka event of ILPE entertained more than 1300 students from 60 schools and colleges of taka.  Astonishingly, the participation of female participants were recorded to be 60% which clearly indicates the level of dedication and inspiration the female students have towards  self-development as a learner and as a leader.

The journey of the international leadership programme on education started back in 2019. This year the 3rd edition of the competitive platform is going on. From January the regional rounds of I’ll commence.  GILC is going to organise the regional rounds in 11 districts.

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