IOELL 2023 is set to take place in Viet Nam

Global Innovation & Leadership Center & GEIST International Foundation has had an official meeting with the Country Coordinators of IOELL and it is decided that IOELL 2023 will take place at Hanoi in Viet Nam under the guidance and supervision of GEIST Viet Nam International Workstation. IOELL will take place from June 28th and end in June 29th, 2023. Meanwhile, the registration of the participants will be completed. The winners of International Leadership Program on Education (ILPE) will form Team Bangladesh. These winners will represent Bangladesh at the global stage. This year, IOELL organizing committee is aiming towards integrating 35 countries under the Olympiad. Previously, students from 25 countries represented themselves in IOELL 2020 which held virtually.

IOELL Registration

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